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'Sextortion' scammers hold shamed Kiwis to ransom online
Councils warned electronic voting will not be secure
Finding your website has been copied is now a common shock
Challenge to improve outcomes for Māori and Pacific students
UoW Tauranga Campus bringing optimism to the Bay of Plenty
Waikato University students create solution for drones
NZ Cyber Challenge drone hackers
Ryan Ko and the cyber crime fighters
Rangi Matamua with more on the meaning of Matariki
UoW’s NZ Cyber Challenge taking on issues facing women in cyber security
When privacy trumps big data
NBR Radio
Should Govt agencies adopt Facebook’s business tool?
What do you really know about your digital footprint?
UoW staff honoured for commitment to Te Reo Māori
NZ spy agency system saves $40m in damage from cyber-attacks this year
Turning the tide with cyber toolmakers
'We want to transfer funds to you': council sends scam email to hundreds
'It is on the agenda' – officials from Kiwi spy agency and Interpol attend Waikato University challenge
What NZ can learn from Israel on cybersecurity
Behind the STRATUS project: The security researchers on a mission to bring data control back to users
SecurityBrief NZ
Waikato University world leader in fight against cyber-attacks
From computer newbie to a Master of Cyber Security
The University of Waikato
Ransomware attack needs global solution
Ryan Ko on the Sarah, Sam & Toni Breakfast show on The Hits
The Hits
Businesses work overtime to ensure they are protected from ransomware attack – Businesses work overtime to ensure they are protected from ransomware attack
Global cyber attack holds thousands to ransom but no reports so far of hacking in New Zealand
One News
NZ computers caught up in global cyberattack
Radio NZ
Secure your future with a security career, students told
Computer World
CROW rallies Kiwi students as the NZ Cyber Security Challenge gets closer
Students urged to combat cybercrime
Make Lemonade
Cybersecurity and Smart TV's
Radio NZ
Tongan student from the Waikato University presents findings on Cyber Security
Kaniva Tonga
Tongan student from the University of Waikato present findings on Cyber Security
Government of the Kingdom of Tonga Press Release
New Zealand's Cyber Security Strategy - Action Plan Annual Report
Connect Smart
Why we need a remote kill switch for our online data
Waikato Uni cybersecurity head says new taskforce will set the country in the right direction
IT Brief
Cyber Security Skills Taskforce established
The University of Waikato
Cyber Security Scholarship For Jeremy
The University of Waikato
Cambridge student in Cyber security challenge
Schools hacked in international attack should check computers for child porn
Waikato University takes on Kiwi cyber security
Security Brief NZ
Protecting your data in the cloud - Interview with Ryan Ko
Radio NZ
Investigating cybercrime at INTERPOL
University of Waikato
Government announces new cyber security strategy - Interview with Ryan Ko
Radio NZ
Increasing data security in the cloud - Ryan Ko interviewed by Kathryn Ryan
Radio NZ
NZ Inc takes on cloud security
National Business Review
Cyber crims' new tactics hit Waikato
Waikato Times
University of Waikato cyber security expert to be honoured
Security Brief NZ
Award for cyber security head
University of Waikato
Waikato University works on keeping data safe
Waikato Times
Kiwi cyber security degree to be promoted throughout Asia
NetGuide NZ
Grant to promote cyber security
University of Waikato
The untrammelled rise of the cyber security professional
STRATUS project to help put New Zealand on global IT map
Training for one of the most in demand roles of the digital economy
Study shows almost half of NZ businesses lack adequate security tools and policies says Vodafone
Half of NZ businesses ‘unprepared’ for cyber threats
Half of NZ businesses not ready for cyber attack
Dominion Post
NZ’s primary industries that support the bulk of the economy are least prepared for cybersecurity threats
'Zombie outbreak' sparks cyber challenge
Waikato Times
Funding boost for top tier projects
Waikato Times
University of Waikato receives more than $35 million in MBIE research funding
University of Waikato
Minister and MBIE announcement and STRATUS public statement
Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment
Cyber experts battle zombie outbreak
University of Waikato
University leads the way with cyber security
University of Waikato
CROWs contributing to New Zealand's ConnectSmart Initiative
Media coverage of the official opening of Cyber Security Lab
Global Award for Senior Lecturer
University of Waikato
Cloud security expert receives the Ron Knode service award
Cloud Security Alliance APAC Defines 2013-2014 Research Roadmap
Cloud Security Alliance
Cloud Security Alliance APAC Defines 2013-2014 Research Roadmap
Cloud Security Alliance
Cloud Security Alliance Expands APAC Region Leadership Team
Cloud Security Alliance Expands APAC Region Leadership Team
Cloud Security Alliance