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Siuta Laulaupeaalu

Research Topic : The vulnerability to Online Scamming in contemporary Tongan society

Brief: This research is to investigate the understanding and knowledge of the Tongan people about internet Online Scamming. There are concerns about the fast-growth of cybercrime and the people of the Pacific islands are affected by these global issues. Tongans have to defend themselves from Online Scammers who are trying to take their own right to the Internet and steal their confidential information that may lead to other serious problems. This research study will take place in Tonga, and will focus on the cultural dimensions of internet use. The results of this research will help to develop sustainable strategies in Tongan society to mitigate risks associated with this international issue. This study project is an opportunity to ring the bell so that the people of Tonga get ready into preparing for the global issue of cybercrime.

Joshua Scarsbrook

Research Topic : Interactive JavaScript Analysis

Brief: Working to make JavaScript easier to comprehend and aid developers and the security community in understanding what web browsers are executing.

Daniel Roodt
Daniel Roodt

Research Topic : Compression Algorithms

Brief: Compression algorithms are methods and techniques of storing information as efficiently as is possible. This allows files such as pictures and videos to take up a fraction of the storage space or bandwidth than they would otherwise require when being stored or transmitted. My research project aims to develop more efficient compression algorithms, which compress the files much faster, and to smaller sizes, than is currently possible. This will enable data centres to migrate files between centres much more efficiently, as well as improving communication speeds over the internet without upgrading the existing infrastructure.

The problems which need to be solved to achieve this goal are actually the same as those facing artificial intelligence. This is because compression requires an understanding of the data, in order to optimally compress it. Another, more general, consequence of my research is therefore that computers will be able to more generally extract meaning from data, which will help in the design of artificial intelligence capable of understanding.