Lizhu Su

Lizhu Su
Master In Cyber Secuirty

Lizhu Su, known as Iris, is researching ‘Aligning the Progger with New China Cyber Security Law'. 

In 2017, China promoted new cybersecurity law to govern cyber sovereignty, as well as safeguard personal information on the Internet. Iris explains, in China’s law there is an article for international companies in China to clarify data attribution in China. This gives power to relevant Chinese authorities to evaluate company’s storage and sharing of personal information and vital data, which storage server must locate at the mainland of China.


From the CROW lab, Progger is a File System Minifilter driver running in the kernel space of an operating system as a service.  Progger is also capable of tracing data and being deployed as agent for Cloud accountability.  China has been identified as a significant market for future application of Progger. Because of this, Progger needs to be aligned with new China Cyber Security Law.


Through her studies, Iris has developed proof-of-concept application with the aid of Progger to alert end-users automatically when others changing their files. in addition,  Iris will recommend aligning Progger with new China cybersecurity law and design a proof-of-concept application based on Progger to assist users to control and monitor files on their devices.


Involved Projects

An Efficient, Tamper-Evident Kernel-Space Logger for Cloud Data Provenance Tracking
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