Alex Tudu

Alex Tudu
Master In Cyber Security

Alex Tudu has done his Bachelor of Computer Application from J.I.M.S/I.P University-Delhi, India. Now he has enrolled in Master In Cyber Security Programme in University Of Waikato to leverage his skills regarding detecting security breaches, preventative security and offensive security.

He has done Cybrary Micro Certification in Incident Management, Policy Development , End User-Network Security, Web App Security Fundamentals, Social Engineering , SQL Injection , XSS and IDS/IPS.

Recently in March 2018 he has completed his C|EH V9-EC-Council Certification to Establish and govern minimum standards for credentialing professional information security specialists in ethical hacking measures.

Alex has involved in Network Control with PfSense Research Project: Examining network control with the help of Pfsense and using various models like firewall, URLfiltering, Traffic Shaping, IDS / IPS, open VPN, captive portal and many more.

His Ongoing Project is : Secure browsing with Raspberry Pie, MITM attack with raspberry Pie.

Also, he has interest in Music, Fitness and Sport, Travelling , Learning new languages.

Involved Projects