Master In Cyber Security

I have been in New Zealand for more than one year and explore a lot of things Practically and Academically. I am completing my Master of Cyber Security at the University of Waikato and I learned more than my imagination while I came to New Zealand. I chose the University of Waikato after doing a good research about its welcoming and supporting environment. I experience the same during my stay at university now. 

Secondly, the University of Waikato is the only place which offers the Master of Cyber Security. The University crew not only teaching staff, but administration people are also very supportive and I got proper guidance and timely support from everyone.

Students can achieve their goals and overcome any obstacle with proper support and encouragement and that is what I appreciate largely. The studying at university is the combination of learning new ways from the perspective of the world. Apart from that University also offered many kinds of scholarships to support and encourage deserving students.  I am enjoying a lot here.  

Involved Projects