Muhammad Naveed Alyas

Muhammad Naveed Alyas
Master In Cyber Security

I am from Pakistan and had migrated to New Zealand in 2015 along with my family. I have done Master degree from Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan in 1999 and since then working in Software Development industry. I have been working as ICT Project Manager in Dairy Solutionz Limited. During my professional career, I have worked on Telecom Billing & CRM system, Dairy Farm management and benchmarking system, Business Data Management system, HR & Payroll system, StudentManagement System and Patient Management System for health industry.


After coming to New Zealand, I have realized that I should study further to strength my capabilities in IT industry and finally got admission in Master Degree of Cyber Security in University of Waikato. This course was technically very attractive to me due to offered subject like Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, etc. I have done practical implementation of my knowledge gained during my Master Degree in University of Waikato.


I am interested to continue to my research in security aspects of software development industry. My focus is to secure software application especially deployed at cloud platform.


Involved Projects