Kishore Durairaj

Kishore Durairaj
This is me
Master of Cyber Security

I enrolled in Master of Cybersecurity in 2019 and I am currently doing my dissertation. My dissertation is on Trusted vehicle communications using block-chain between the application layer and the network layer. This implementation is to be done on self-driving cars or vehicles using Vehicular ad-hoc networks. This will help in preventing and tracing the cyber-attacks that are launched on the vehicles in a vehicular area network.


I chose to study at the University of Waikato because there is a dedicated lab for Cyber-security and the course modules focus more on cybersecurity-related papers like Cryptography, Cloud computing security, and ISP&Carrier networks. Apart from the taught papers, I am currently studying network security testing and IT-Infrastructure security architectures.  My areas of interest are on domains like IT-Infrastructure security, Risk advisory, and compliance, NOC and SOC. 

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