Bruce Trevarthen

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Bruce Trevarthen
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Group chief executive
LayerX Group

Bruce is the Group chief executive of the Hamilton-based technology cluster known as the LayerX Group, which is focused on leveraging innovative technology solutions for business productivity improvement.

Bruce has been involved in technology innovation since 1995 and his desire to think outside the box and overcome the impossible provides endless motivation.
Bruce returned to the Waikato in 2007 after almost a decade in Wellington, where he founded and ran ZeroOne Limited; a software development and hosted services business responsible for the successful development and hosting of many well-known website applications, including,, and numerous mobile gateway solutions for Telecom New Zealand.

In late 2013, off the back of a specific ‘in-country’ requirement, LayerX initiated the formation of a wholly owned subsidiary in Canada (LayerX Technologies Corporation) to own and operate a cloud services platform in British Columbia. The deployment of this platform followed the tried and proven model for cloud services architecture used by subsidiary theCloud in New Zealand, and gave the group an international connection.

Bruce has always been passionate about delivering high-quality technology solutions in a cost effective model suitable for the typical New Zealand business customer, the SME. To this end the focus is always on automation to lower costs and enterprise procedures to support the resilience inherent in the chosen hardware platforms. 

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