Candace Kinser

Candace Kinser
This is me, candace
Corporate Advisor, Board Director

Candace Kinser is a Corporate Advisor and Board Director and has held a number of senior executive roles in the tech sector.

From 2011 to 2014, Candace was the chief executive of the New Zealand Technology Industry Association, the national association representing organisations involved in the technology sector, including multinational corporations, universities, government agencies, high growth domestic companies and emerging entrepreneurs.

Prior to this, Candace led the successful science software start-up company Biomatters, which creates the award winning software Geneious Pro, and won the New Zealand Hi Tech Emerging Company of the Year in 2012. Candace has also held senior sales and leadership roles in New Zealand with Telecom and SolNet, and worked in the insurance and legal fields in the USA.

Candace was named a 'Top 10 Female CEO’ in New Zealand in 2010, was a director of the biotech industry body for several years, a director of the Health IT Cluster and also serves on the Advisory Board for Massey School of Business. She was appointed to the Government Geospatial Executive Group and serves on a number of significant government, industry and higher education panels. She also founded the national Women Tech Execs group for New Zealand in 2012 and launched Technology Innovation Week in New Zealand in 2013.

Candace has undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Political Science from the University of Hawaii, a Post Graduate and Masters degree in Business Management from Massey University, advanced business studies in Bio-Pharma from Rutgers University in New Jersey and in Asian Business Governance from Melbourne University.

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