CROW has developed various tools which are available for download and use at

More tools will be loaded over time. Currently, the available tools include:


Progger (Provenance Logger) is a kernel-space logger designed to track data activity in Cloud systems.

It has the potential to empower Cloud stakeholders (users) by allowing them to trace what has happened to their data in the Cloud. It can also be used by security analysts to collect provenance data from the lowest possible atomic data actions, and enables several higher-level tools to be built for effective end-to-end tracking of data provenance.

Progger has been implemented to be tamper-evident, accurately synchronise timestamps across several machines, efficiently log the root usage of the system and reduce clutter in the log files.

Download the Linux Progger here

Data Privacy Foundation

The goal of this project is to create a data privacy reference matrix representing all major cloud-hosting countries in the world. It must be accessible to readers with no legal expertise, and free-to-use for vendors and user of cloud services.

The matrix will provide an easy way to cross reference different trans-national legislation which will align with a set of seven predefined domain areas. This will help a user to see what laws are governing their data where ever in the world it may be located.

OpenStack Café

An open-source, time-based, resource management system for OpenStack.

The primary aim of OpenStack Cafe is to establish a platform for the automatic management and scheduling of virtual resource use for large groups of OpenStack users. This will enable more effective use of virtual resources.

Its secondary objective is to better enable administrators to understand the usage requirements of the underlying hardware. Through OpenStack Cafe’s interface, administrators will be able to access real-time data on the hardware workload and more effectively manage its usage at specific times.

Visit the OpenStack Café